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Next gen B2B SaaS runs in the CRM

Modern business run in the CRM, so modern B2B SaaS needs to run in the CRM. With Xkit, these innovative companies can embed their apps in their customer's CRM without a custom build.

Customer Onboarding


Customer onboarding companies initiate onboarding from the CRM with data from the sales process. During and after onboarding, status and activity updates are pushed back to the CRM to keep everyone on the same page.

Security Assessment Automation


Security assessments are a necessary and painful part of the sales process Automating and streamlining this process means allowing salespeople to start handling assessments from the CRM and communicating back to the customer with their status.

Contract Lifecycle Management


As a key part of the sales process, a contract's lifecycle begins and ends in the CRM, with critical information flowing back and forth during it's life. CLM companies initiate contracts from the CRM, pulling in data to populate templates, and send status back to the CRM.

Electron for CRM apps

Every CRM has their own flavor of embedded apps or plugins. Xkit enables app developers to build once and create an embedded app to run in every customer's CRM.

Enable actions from the CRM

Embed UI to initiate actions in the context of standard CRM objects to allow interaction with your app without ever leaving the CRM.

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Embed data in the CRM

Push data meaningful to your app into the CRM so your customers can have critical information at their fingertips.

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Universal CRM API

Xkit standardizes API access across different CRMs, including each user's unique customizations. Custom fields and custom objects are supported natively, as they should be.

Microsoft Dynamics
Zendesk Sell

Universal Search

Find data in your customer's CRM with standardized searches that work for every type of CRM and every custom setup. Your user configures how the search works so that it returns the right results for their integration.

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Universal Reads

Read records in your customer's CRM mapped to exactly the format your app needs. Regardless of the specific object or fields available, you get a standard API to read data directly from the CRM, customized to each user's specific configuration.

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Universal Webhooks

Get notified when objects are created, updated, and deleted in your customer's CRM with standardized webhooks regardless of if the CRM supports them natively. Keep your system in sync with the source of truth - the CRM.

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Universal Updates

Keep the CRM up to date with changes in your system by creating and updating records in your customer' CRM with a standardized API. Each user configures exactly how updates and creates should work so they control the fields and objects in use, and your integration works perfectly for every user.

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Connect to the CRM

Access your customer’s CRM in three lines of code with Xkit’s drop-in component, CRM Link. CRM Link manages authorization and configuration so your customers can simply and quickly authorize your access and customize their integration.

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Simple installation

Add the CRM Link SDK to embed a component to connect to your customer's CRM.

  onClick={() =>
    xkit.linkCRM(<user token>)
  Connect CRM

One click for access

Our beautiful and intuitive embedded component gives your customers an unmatched experience for granting CRM access.

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End-user configuration

Allow your customers to configure their CRM integration for intuitive onboarding that work for every CRM, no matter how customized.

CRM mapping

White-labeled with no lock-in

These are your integrations and your apps, we just power the technology. Use your own developer credentials to create a fully white-labeled experience and export any access tokens, refresh tokens, and API keys at any time. Even the apps we generate come with you.

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