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The native, direct, embedded integration platform

Build real, native integrations with full access to your customers’ data without a custom build
Your customers' data in the format you need, delivered to your existing APIs
New integrations are so easy to set up that you can add a new embedded integration without an engineer
How it works

Build integrations in days, not months

Add native, direct, embedded integrations to your SaaS app the easy way with all the heavy lifting done for you. No API docs to interpret or data schemas to learn.

Select your users' source app

Set up an OAuth client for the apps your customers use, Xkit does the rest.

Your relationship with your customers, your relationship with the source app. Fully white-labeled with no lock-in.

Connect your API

Write a serverless function to send customer data to your existing APIs.

Functions get invoked every time Xkit detects a change in your customers' data - no polling or paging required.

Map your user's data

Every source data field is exposed, just map them to what your API expects.

No flow control needed, just use Xkit's Mapping GUI to select the fields you need from your customers' data sources. For more complex cases, you can always fall back to code.

Embed in your front-end

Three lines of code to deploy all of your integrations.

Use the Xkit SDK to embed an integration UI right in your app. Authorization, permissions, and configuration are all handled for you, no redirect URLs required.

Features & Benefits

Designed for the long term

The only integration platform built to be better over time. Built from the ground up with the needs of engineering teams in mind, you can invest in integrations as a core part of your tech stack.

Native, direct, and embedded

Fully native integrations create stickier products with simpler onboarding.

Maintainable by engineering

Extend Xkit for complex integrations without working around it or against it.

Unmatched access to data

With historical data loads and low latency data updates, you don't have to choose between great onboarding and staying up to date.

One build, many integrations

Set up your integration to Xkit once using your existing API, and subsequent integrations can be built without an engineer.


Supercharge your SaaS app

Whether you've been looking for an embedded alternative to Zapier or a more seamless way to onboard customer data into your app, native integrations built with Xkit can help.

Integrate with the apps your customers expect

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