One API to access your users' SaaS apps

Integrate tools like Salesforce, Slack, GitHub and more into your app in 3 lines of code.

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Getting access tokens is now as simple as a few lines of code.

And works with or without a backend.

See the Pen Xkit GitHub Demo by Xkit (@xkit) on CodePen.

const token = await xkit.getConnectionToken("github")
const token = await xkit.getConnectionToken("asana")
const token = await xkit.getConnectionToken("slack")

Works with your existing authentication for a seamless user experience.

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Your App Integrations

Focus on your integrations.

Let us manage the infrastructure.

Build it the right way, without the effort

Encrypted token storage, CSRF mitigation, and industry best practices for security come standard.

Get valid tokens,
every time

Forget about token expiration and refresh procedures, Xkit always gives you fresh tokens.

Abstract away protocol differences

Xkit manages custom protocol extensions for each integration so you don't have to.

Integrate with 35+ apps your customers expect

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