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Install Xkit in three lines of code

Create an Xkit session with your existing authentication
await xkit.login(await firebaseUser.getIdToken(true));
await xkit.login(await auth0.getTokenSilently());
await xkit.login(result.getAccessToken().getJwtToken());
curl -d '{user: {external_id: "your_user_id"}}'

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Retrieve access tokens and API keys anywhere in your stack with one API call

const githubToken = await xkit.getConnectionToken("github");
Behind the scenes, Xkit handles all the complexities so you don't have to:
Protocol differences
Token expirations
Refresh tokens
Protection against CSRF
Token storage and encryption
And more...

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Never worry about an expired access token

Xkit automatically checks for token expiration and refreshes them as needed so you always have working tokens.

Easy API access, anywhere

No matter your architecture, you can get access to 3rd party APIs from anywhere in your stack with one API call.

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Every app. One API.

Stop spending time on the ways that APIs extend, modify or invent specifications. Xkit manages the differences so you don't have to.

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