Connect to your users' apps using API keys

Sept 24, 2020

Xkit now supports integrations that use API keys with an end user friendly experience.

Today we're launching a brand new feature to make building user-facing integrations easier: API Key integrations.

API Keys are now as easy as they should be

For less mature APIs, which can include some of the newest and trendiest SaaS apps, you're often forced to use API keys to access them rather than a technology like OAuth2. When accessing a user's account on their behalf, this means teaching them how to get an API key, collecting the key from them, storing it (encrypted I hope!) and retrieving it later in the service where you need to use it.

We've heard from our early users about the pain this causes and their desire to integrate with these types of APIs. Now, with Xkit's API Key integrations, you can skip all those painful parts and go straight to the actual integration work. For the apps we've integrated, we have step-by-step instructions along with a video guide showing your users how to generate and store API keys right in the UI.

We test the keys against the API to make sure that they work before saving them, then we serve them up wherever you need them in your stack with one API call, just like we do with OAuth2 access tokens. And like all our tokens, they're encrypted and tightly access controlled. Now, no matter how an API does its authentication, you can get access to it with the same pattern, and your users get a consistent, easy-to-use experience.

New App Support

We're launching this feature with 5 new apps that support API keys based on requests from our users:

We want your feedback

We'd love to hear what you think about our new API key integrations, and if you're looking to integrate with an API with keys that we don't support yet, please let us know!

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