Company-wide integrations for B2B SaaS with User Groups

Oct 19, 2020

Xkit now supports groups to make it easy to build company-wide integrations for your customers.

Note: User Groups has been replaced by Xkit Contexts, an even more flexible way to model your users on Xkit.

Today we're launching a brand new feature to make managing integrations for your B2B customers even easier: User Groups.

B2B integrations are Group integrations

If you're building a B2B SaaS product, the integrations that you're building are most often shared across the whole company: your customer has one Stripe integration, not one for everyone in the company.

This has been consistent feedback from our early customers: Xkit's integrations should align with the structure already in place in our user's apps. This is a classic case of "your customer built your roadmap" as we have customers who have hacked together some code to loop over every one of their Xkit user to find a working integration - quite the hack.

Launching Xkit User Groups

With the launch of Xkit User Groups feature, we can support the groups you already have in your application, natively within Xkit. After you turn on the "Use Groups" flag, you can assign your users into groups however you provision them (via API or via JWT). Once a user is assigned to a group, the status that they see on their embedded integration catalog will be the status of their group's connectors, not just their own. So now everyone in the organization will know if they connected to Webflow. (and yes, this same status will show up if you use the xkit.js SDK directly).

In addition to a better end-user experience, this feature also comes with a new Groups API endpoint. With this API, you can fetch the current access token to any service for the entire group, just like you can with individual users.

Get started with Groups

You can read the full documentation on how to use the new Groups feature here: User Groups.

But this is just the beginning: Groups lays the foundation for a bunch of new features that will help B2B SaaS products build integrations faster and more reliably while delivering an unmatched end user experience. Stay tuned!

Xkit is shutting down

We're discontinuing services on December 16, 2022.

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