Debug Integrations with the Xkit Connections Dashboard

Jan 22, 2021

See the status of all of your users' connections in once place

Today I'm excited to announce the release of a new Xkit feature: the Connections Dashboard. Inspired by a dashboard that one of our customers built to make debugging customer issues easier, the Xkit Dashboard displays in one place the status of all of your users' connections.

That means you can see for every one of your users's which integrations they've enabled, which they haven't, and which ones they're having issues with. We have filters you can use to help you jump straight to problem areas.

Screenshot of an error filter on the connections dashboard The error filter lets you jump to problem connections faster

Friendly Names

As part of our dashboard rollout, we've added the ability to specify "friendly names" for your users, so instead of showing up in the dashboard as an opaque ID, you can use the user's email address or name to quickly spot them. Your customer support or success team can use the dashboard to debug issues for your customers that are having issues with integrations and walk them through re-connecting.

Screenshot of a user's email address to identify connections See a user's email address to quickly identify them and debug their issues

Works with Groups

The Dashboard also takes advantage of Xkit Groups so you can see the status of connections across an entire group (perhaps your customer's organization, company, or project) to help them along in their onboarding and again to debug issues.

Screenshot of Xkit's Group Connections Dashboard See the status of connections across a customer's team or organization

More to come

This Dashboard is the first, but not the last, tool we've released designed to help your customer support and success teams debug issues. We have more tools on our roadmap to make your integrations more reliable and reduce the support calls you have to field.

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