Onboard your customers’ data where it already is

Connect to your customers' existing applications and get usable data faster and easier

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Data Onboarding

Delight your customers and your engineers

Direct integrations powered by Xkit make your data onboarding process smoother and stickier for customers, and easier to build and maintain for you.

Onboard customer data with one click

Removing friction from onboarding increases conversion rates by up to 400%.

Forrester Research

With a direct integration you can import your customers’ data where it already lives to jumpstart their usage without handholding or wrangling spreadsheets.

Eliminate the weekly CSV upload

Products with at least one integration have 10-15% higher retention.


Your customers' data is updating on daily — if not hourly. Continuous syncing via a direct integration gets rid of the manual upload your customers hate and makes your product stickier.

Build features, not parsers

58% of engineers who leave their jobs cite "type of work" as the reason for leaving.


Building CSV importers and custom integrations distracts from your product roadmap and burns out your engineers. Focus your team on your core product, and leave the API-specific work to us.

One build, many integrations

Enterprise software projects cost 66% more on average than they are estimated.


Xkit connects to your existing API so with a single installation you can build every integration you need. The performance of direct, native integrations without the build time.

A Better Way

Integrations without the effort

Onboard your customers' data from any existing application without building a custom integration.

Select your source

Set up an OAuth client for the apps your customers use, Xkit does the rest.

Connect your API

Write a serverless function to send customer data to your existing APIs.

Map your user's data

Every source data field is exposed, just map them to what your API expects.

Embed in your app

Three lines of code to deploy all of your integrations.

Integrate with the apps your customers expect