Onboard your customers’ data where it already is

Connect to your customers existing applications and get usable data faster and easier

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Onboard customer data with one click

Removing friction from the customer onboarding experience has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 400%.
- Forrester Research

Any onboarding process that involves CSV and email threads is a poor customer experience, difficult to scale, and leads to lower activation. With a direct integration you can import your customers’ data where it already lives to jumpstart their usage without handholding or wrangling spreadsheets.

Eliminate the weekly CSV upload

Products with at least one integration have 10-15% higher retention.
- Profitwell

Your customers' data is updating on a daily — if not hourly — basis. Continuous syncing via a direct integration gets rid of the time consuming manual upload your customers hate while increasing usage and making your product stickier.

Build features, not parsers

58% of engineers who leave their jobs listed “type of work” as the reason for leaving.
- Glassdoor

Building and maintaining a CSV importer, let alone a custom, direct integration is a huge task that distracts from your product roadmap and burns out your engineers debugging yet-another-broken-sync. Focus your team on your core product, and leave the API-specific work to us.

A better way

Onboard your customers data from any existing application without building a custom integration


Pick your customers' app from the Xkit catalog and select the data objects you require


Write serverless functions in the Xkit platform and send data to your existing API endpoints


Match the customers' data objects to your API endpoints


Once your customers authorize your app their data gets imported automatically

Integrate with the apps your customers expect