Advanced use

Customizations for Xkit

Xkit allows for flexibility and customization beyond what you need to just get Xkit working in your application. These features are detailed within the pages in this section.

While optional, they are intended for advanced use and might require you to be comfortable with the concepts introduced earlier in the documentation. If you haven't gone through the rest of the documentation, we recommend doing that first.

Up next

Connection events

Subscribing to connection events using webhooks

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Custom Domains

Use a custom domain for your CRM integrations

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Customizing CRM Link

Options to change how CRM Link is launched

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Rotating API Keys

Using a new API Key by revoking an existing set and generating a new set

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Xkit flavored JSON

Describe fields and event payloads with our prescribed syntax

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Data Flow Diagrams

How data travels from the CRM, Xkit and your backend

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Consistency Guarantees

What to expect in terms of data consistency guarantees when dealing with CRM data

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