Consistency Guarantees

What to expect in terms of data consistency guarantees when dealing with CRM data

Webhook Consistency Guarantees

Webhooks related to CRM integrations have the following characteristics:

Eventual Consistency

Requests to the Webhook endpoint will be sent as soon as:

  • The CRM "acknowledges" the change in its system and makes it available for querying for external systems
  • Xkit receives the change and schedules a Webhook request

It's worth noting that only changes that match webhook subscription criteria will be sent. Changes that don't match will not be stored, and a webhook won't be sent.

Delivery Guarantees

  • At-least-once delivery. Connection issues between Xkit and the Developer's app may cause retries
  • Out-of-order events. If object B changes after A, there is no guarantee that change A will be sent before B


Only the latest version of the object will be sent, meaning that Xkit does not notify of each change independently.

  • If an object in the CRM changes several times before Xkit fetches it, only the last version will be sent via Webhook.
  • If an object changes in between retry attempts, the next retry will include the latest version


When the webhook endpoint returns a status other than 204 or fails to return a response (e.g. due to connection issues), the request will be retried:

  • maximum of 20 times
  • with exponential backoff + jitter, starting at 15 seconds and up to approximately 24 days since the first attempt

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