Custom Domains

Use a custom domain for your CRM integrations

In cases where you don't want to use a subdomain of Xkit and would rather use your own domain (e.g., you can do so with the Custom Domain feature. Since in addition to being the domain for the Platform User API, it also forms the base of the redirect URLs used in schemes like OAuth, it may be desirable (or necessary) to have those be on a domain controlled by your company.

Change this value with extreme caution Changing the custom domain will:

  • Invalidate all Xkit User Tokens
  • Break redirect URLs with OAuth providers

To set up a custom domain, follow these steps:

  1. Add a CNAME record with your DNS provider pointing your desired custom domain (e.g. to
  2. If your DNS Provider is Cloudflare, turn the "Proxy Status" to "DNS Only"
  3. Add your desired custom domain (e.g. to the Custom Domain field in the Application Settings of Settings page Custom Domain field in settings
  4. Update all instances of your Xkit domain (e.g. to your custom domain (e.g. including:
    • the domain used to initialize CRM Link
    • all redirect URLs with OAuth providers

From now on, your custom domain will be the primary identifier for your Xkit installation.

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