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Multi Currencies Support

Your customer's CRM may support multiple currencies, or may support a different currency than is the default for your own application. To support other currencies, we recommend having two fields representing the currency amount:

  • a "type": "number" field that will represent the amount
  • a "type": "string" field that will represent the currency code


When multi currency support is enabled in Salesforce, every object that has a currency-type field will have CurrencyIsoCode field (which in Salesforce's UI is called Contact Currency, Opportunity Currency etc) which will represent currency code for that object. That means that any currency field (standard or custom) on that object will represent an amount in that currency.


Hubspot's deals have 3 standard fields representing the amount of the deal:

  • deal_currency_code - represents the currency of the deal
  • amount - represents the amount in the currency of the deal
  • amount_in_home_currency - represents deal's amount converted into default account currency

The caveat in hubspot is that any custom field that represents currency amount is in fact an amount in account's default currency so even if deal_currency_code is set to EUR, but the default account's currency is USD then any currency custom field will be represented as USD.

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