HubSpot OAuth setup

Set up a HubSpot app to use with Xkit

HubSpot API access is managed through HubSpot apps which allow for OAuth authorization.

To create and manage an app you'll need a HubSpot developer account.

Add OAuth credentials

Create HubSpot Developer Account

HubSpot Developer accounts are free and allow you to create apps to connect with HubSpot customers.

Create a Developer account here:

Create a HubSpot app

While logged into your HubSpot developer account, click the "Create an app" block on the homepage.

Add a name for your app and click "Save".

Configure OAuth credentials

Stay logged into your HubSpot Developer account and on the page for your app.

In a new window, log into Xkit, go to the "CRMs" menu item and click on "Add CRM".

Select "HubSpot".

Click on the "Auth" tab in your HubSpot developer account screen for your app.

Copy and paste the following values from HubSpot into Xkit:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • App ID

Copy the value in the "Callback URL" field in Xkit, and paste it into the "Redirect URL" field on HubSpot.

Click "Save" in HubSpot.

Navigate back to the HubSpot app homepage.

In the top right corner, click the button labeled "Get HubSpot API Key".

Copy the key and paste it into the field in Xkit labeled "API Key".

Click "Save" in Xkit.

If you've already installed CRM Link you can test your HubSpot configuration by initiating CRM Link and selecting HubSpot to connect.

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