Salesforce OAuth setup

Set up a Salesforce Connected app to use with Xkit

Salesforce API access is managed through "Connected apps" which allow for OAuth authorization.

To create and manage a Connected App you'll need a Salesforce Developer Edition account.

Add OAuth credentials

Create Salesforce Developer Account

Salesforce Developer Edition Accounts are free and are how you can create Connected Apps to connect to your customers' Salesforce instances.

Create a Developer Edition account here:

Add Salesforce as a CRM in Xkit

While logged into Xkit, go to the "CRMs" menu item and click on "Add CRM".

Select "Salesforce", and for now add fake information to the Client ID and Client Secret (we'll come back to these later).

Copy the value in the "Callback URL" field.

Callback URL field in Xkit

Click "Save".

Create a Connected App

While logged into your Developer Edition account (and within the "Setup" app) type "App Manager" into the quick find box and click on the "App Manager" entry under "Apps".

On the next screen, click on the "New Connected App" button in the top right corner of the screen.

You'll need to provide a Name for your Connected App and a Contact Email.

Connected app creation in Salesforce

Customize OAuth settings

Check the box for "Enable OAuth settings"

Connected app OAuth settings in Salesforce

Add the Callback URL you copied from Xkit to the "Callback URL" field.

In Xkit, click on the "Permissions" tab for Salesforce. For each selected permission, move the matching Salesforce OAuth scope from the "Available OAuth Scopes" to the "Selected OAuth Scopes" column. This should be the following scopes:

  • refresh_token
  • openid
  • api

Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

Add Client ID and Secret to Xkit

After saving your Connected App, you'll be taken to a screen to view your created Connected App.

This screen will display your OAuth Client ID and Secret, which Salesforce refers to as a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

You'll need to copy these into Xkit to replace the fake values we saved earlier.

Connected App Client ID and Secret

Scroll down to the section titled "API (Enable OAuth Settings)" and click the "Copy" button under the Consumer Key.

Paste the Consumer Key into the "Client ID" field on the "Credentials" tab of the Salesforce connector in Xkit.

Click the link next to the Consumer Secret label in Salesforce titled "Click to reveal", then click the "Copy" button on the revealed Consumer Secret.

Paste the Consumer Secret into the "Client Secret" field in Xkit.

Click the "Save" button in Xkit.

If you've already installed CRM Link you can test your Salesforce configuration by initiating CRM Link and selecting Salesforce to connect.

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