You need integrations

B2B SaaS integrations are no longer a luxury

  • Customers expect your product to integrate with their existing tools
  • Successful acquisition requires an onboarding process with minimal friction
  • A sticky product with high engagement supports efforts to grow existing customers in an increasingly competitive SaaS market

But integrations are painful

  • Long build time with each integration taking 1-2 engineers, 1-2 months
  • Difficult to maintain with upstream API changes, unexpected edge cases, and customizations from users
  • Never-ending new integration requests and endless refactors
  • Not rewarding for engineers to build or maintain- these drain energy from engineers
  • Not core the of your technology, but still table stakes in today's SaaS market

... and expensive

  • Build: $15,000 - $60,000 per integration driven by 1 to 2 developers focusing on the project for 1 to 2 months
  • Maintain: $5,000 - $30,000 per year per integration based on developers spending 1 to 3 days per month updating and maintaining integration infrastructure
  • Turnover: Sifting through API docs is not satisfying work and 58% of engineers who leave their jobs listed “type of work” as the reason for leaving
  • Complexity: Adding a robust integration infrastructure and the frameworks to add new integrations is unnecessary tech debt on your app's code base


Managed Authorization

Seamlessly embedded in your app

Scalable Infrastructure

  • End-to-end integration pipeline
  • Full visibility from source to API
  • Monitoring and alerting for errors and performance

Native, Direct, Embedded

  • Partnership opportunities
  • Better retention, activation


  • Add new integrations without an engineer
  • Extensible for complex integrations
  • Maintainable by engineering
  • Uses natural edge of your core app

Access to Customer Data

  • Historical data for fast onboarding
  • Low latency new data and updates to stay current

@tgriff3 built a better way, and it's exactly what you'd want from developer tooling - easy to get started, but highly customizable and with good docs. Building integrations without a tool like Xkit is building your product on hard mode.

Alexis Ohanian
Reddit Co-Founder

"Xkit has saved us dozens if not hundreds of hours of dev time. Very responsive, knowledgeable team, and a great product that gets the right balance between doing the heavy lifting without being too opinionated."

"At this point…it can be a deal-breaker if we don’t have an integration that is required by a potential customer."

"Formatting CSVs and writing VLOOKUP functions was a bad use of time for our team. Xkit enabled us to focus on the features we actually cared about."

Integrate with the apps your customers expect