Native, direct, embedded integrations as easy as Zapier

Use your API or existing Zapier infrastructure to add native integrations with Xkit

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Onboard customer data with one click

Zapier-based integrations are notoriously difficult to use to load historical data which is critical during customer onboarding.

Xkit loads your customers historical data where it already lives, in their other apps, giving you and your customer a seamless onboarding experience with up-to-date data.

Low latency data, reliably

Stop relying on your customer’s Zapier plan to determine when (or if!) you get the data your app needs.

Xkit loads new data and updates into your system in under two minutes and offers Service Level Agreements to you, the app developer, who is our only customer.

Built for your app

Zapier integrations are limited to the small subset of data and functionality that each app exposes.

With Xkit you get full access to all the data in your customers’ apps and can extend your integrations with direct access to API credentials.

Unlock partnerships

Indirect integrations leave you blind to which integrations are being used and by whom, and make building partnership relationships near-impossible.

With a direct integration powered by Xkit, you have a direct relationship with your partners and full visibility into integration usage.

More sales, happier customers

Zapier can help unlock some sales initially, but when it comes to selling enterprise customers, or boosting retention and activation rates, nothing compares to native integrations.

With the same infrastructure and effort you can get access to enterprise-level integrations and 14% better retention rates giving you a stickier product that sells better.

A better way

Onboard your customers data from any existing application without building a custom integration


Pick your customers' app from the Xkit catalog and select the data objects you require


Write serverless functions in the Xkit platform and send data to your existing API endpoints


Match the customers' data objects to your API endpoints


Once your customers authorize your app their data gets imported automatically

Integrate with the apps your customers expect